What really is Branded Content?


A lot has been said about this new buzz that everybody is defining in their own language. A term that emerged in 2001, branded content is a form of advertising which does not sell the product directly to a customer but rather beats around the bush only to arrive at the same point. It seeks to win the emotions of a customer into buying the product rather than them analyzing it from features/benefit perspective. Branded content employs different techniques such as storytelling, entertainment and journalism to get the message across. For example, a brand will go a long way to describe challenges that a customer undergoes then pop up the product as a solution. This is a trend that is emerging in marketing and advertising and luckily enough, it seems to work.

However, when dealing with branded content, it is important to consider a well rounded content because it is aimed at producing a positive association between the brand and the audience so that it convinces them to buy. Failure to achieve this will lead to the method backfiring and be left with a damage control to do, which is why many brands use a content marketing agency.

To go around this; you need to present the brand without being too salesy but still promotional enough to make them aware that it is from you and balance both so that the customer may not feel tricked at the end.

This is not easy, but when done correctly, it is entertaining, compelling and interesting needless to say; the results will also be pretty good.

The secret lies in knowing or understanding your customers deeply so that you are able to relate with them in a personal level and deliver that which they truly want. Branded content can work alongside other advertising techniques such as traditional advertising, banner ads and native adverts in order to reach a wider audience. It works very well with social media marketing since content generated are normally sharable in these platforms.

Hotels in Coventry

This hotel is meant perfectly for any kind of need or event. From wide-ranging events and activities, this unique hotel offer diverse amenities including conference hosting, weeding events and hotel bookings that is intended specifically for any kind of necessity that you want.

The Allesley Hotel is located at the countryside of Warwickshire just 15 minutes drive from the NEC and also Ricoh arena, this paramount hotel no doubt is dominant to many, with a guest capacity of about 1000 ballrooms and over 10 out-and-out meeting rooms, this hotel can also be a venue for relaxation and enjoyment which has 90 comfortable rooms that one can book either unaccompanied or as a whole family.

Weddings and design team.

A good number of specialized wedding design team are engaged in various activities involved in your wedding and making things easier for the wedding to take place so be certain that all your weeding plans and procedures that you have in mind will undergo successfully with no hitches or difficulties as all the approaches and arrangements you want will be met by the design team. You can even have your wedding and reception at one place as our highly qualified design team is there to ensure preparations and all sought of measures are followed appropriately to meet your weeding dream.


With over ten meeting rooms that come with exceptional quality of facilities, be sure that our conferencing accomplishments have made the hotel to be the best in the region. with the overall finishing of the conferences, these accommodations will absolutely impress any client occupied here with different varying ballrooms that includes the Crystale ballroom, Windsor Suite, The Royal Suite, The Imperial Suite, The Regency and The Berkeley all this and many more suites have been designed for different purposes that will surely suit your meetings and conferences at a good price,


The rooms are assembled with ample parking and amenities that includes free Wi-Fi, direct telephones, room service, tea and coffee making facilities, extra blankets, 32’ LCD TV and many more to deliver comfort and ease with your family or just alone by yourself.

for further enquiries please feel free to contact and find out more about the services that Allesley Hotel offers

Increasing Organic Flow/Traffic Through SEO On-Page Optimization

Increasing organic traffic flow to your site, blog or article is an important marketing tool. A decrease in traffic flow suggests that your rankings in the search engines is quite low. However, one can increase organic flow/traffic to their websites by SEO On-Page Optimization. This is a SEO tool used by marketers and promoters in various sectors.

On-page optimization refers to all the factors that will have considerable effect on a Website/page listing on search engines. These factors can however be controlled by source coding on the page. Some of the examples known of on-page optimization are keyword placement and density, meta tags and actual HTML. It is actually one of the most important steps in SEO. Below are some on-page techniques that are quite useful. Most large brands use Media Agencies to do their digital work for them, most of whom will also offer SEO. There are also some agencies that specialise in SEO such the SEO agency London – NKG.

Title optimization is the very first technique that helps in website optimization. The website’s title tag should be short,precise and descriptive. It is the first item that will be shown and indexed by search engines. It will hence be given priority and so should you when making a title for your website. Make it appealing to get higher rankings. The title may include the site’s name, business name, product on sale, a phrase or even your own name. NKG is also known as the SEO expert London.

Meta tag descriptions have to atleast contain a brief description of the site, i.e. the product on sale, the business of the person involved. This is a selling snippet for the website. If searchers find it appealing then traffic flow to the site increases and they will have interest on reading what is on the site.

HTML tags are important in showing parts o your site that you would most importantly want you readers to see. The can be in italics, made bold or even capitalized. They define the page title or other sections that are important in the site.

Keyword placement and density needs to be balanced to make your text readable and clear. If this is done correctly, the keyword is emphasized and the text captures the attention of the reader. The use of power-words such as free, top and cheap also captures the reader’s attention and increases traffic flow to the site. Keywords are important and the Search Taxonomy by NKG has showed a massive shift in thinking.

Through SEO On-Page Optimization, marketers and promoters will be able to increase organic traffic/flow to their websites and hence increase on productivity by drawing in more clients to their sites. So get your site optimized and enjoy the advantages that come with service.